Ten terrific tips for packing up your home
23 Dec

Ten terrific tips for packing up your home

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It’s easy to let the excitement of moving house be overshadowed by the panic of the packing process. Your items are strewn across the floors of your home and bubble wrap decorates every workspace. There are ways to make sure that packing up your home takes as little out of you as possible. As usual, organisation is key… Follow along for ten of the most terrific packing tips you’ll ever receive.

  1. Ensure you have enough boxes

There’s nothing worse than running out of moving boxes halfway through packing. You’ll need more than you think, and take our advice when we say they need to be the sturdiest you can find! Telescopic boxes are a brilliant option as they’re more versatile for your belongings.

  1. Stock up on packing padding

Don’t forget to protect those fragile items. Packing materials will be your best friend – keep hold of any bubble wrap or old newspapers and put them to good use. This will ensure that your belongings won’t get damaged during the move. Wrap everything tightly in packing paper, and alleviate the stress that might already be seeping into your day!

  1. Start the process early

We all know what it’s like to make a stop at Procrastination Station. An important moving and packing tip is to start early. If you leave your packing until the last minute, it will create stress and your organisation won’t be effective. Starting a few months in advance with those rarely used items will help you sort your belongings calmly.

  1. Begin with rooms used less frequently

You’ll need essential items right up until the last moment. It’s a good idea to pack up your less-used items in advance, getting them out of the way and ensuring your packing is under-way. Packing up your kitchen and clothes are likely to be last, whereas your living room can be sacrificed first!

  1. Pack an ‘essentials’ box

The last thing you’ll want to do when you’ve moved into your new property is unpack right away. It’ll save you this inconvenience to pack an ‘essentials’ box. Fill this box with toiletries, a few sets of crockery and pans and you’ll be able to survive until you find time to unpack your life into your new home.

  1. Declutter your belongings

Do you have a pile of old clothes that you’ve been meaning to get rid of? There’s no shame, everyone does it… Take the opportunity to declutter and sort through things you haven’t even seen in a few years. These can be donated or taken to the reuse and recycle centre in cardboard boxes.

  1. Label your boxes

Have you ever been faced with a mountain of boxes without knowing their contents? It can be a little intimidating, so one of our tips is to label every box with what’s inside. Invest in a label maker or just scribble on the boxes with a marker and you’re bound to thank yourself when unpacking.

  1. Don’t overpack your boxes

Whether you’re using small boxes or large boxes, there’s a weight limit on heavy items. Boxes shouldn’t exceed 30lbs (13.5kg), ensuring that there are no mishaps or casualties on moving day. For your much heavier items such as wardrobes and pianos, hiring the professionals will be your blessing in disguise.

  1. Keep your valuables together

During your entire house move process, your valuables will need to be right at the tips of your fingers. Your important documents may be needed at some point during your move, so keep them in a separate box along with your valuable items that you can keep near you.

  1. Take pictures

During the flurry of moving house, it’s difficult to remember where everything is. Taking pictures of the contents of your boxes will be a reference when you’re looking for something specific. Take a picture of the back of your TV! This will eliminate any confusion when setting it up in your new home.

When your boxes are packed and your home is feeling empty, that’s when to get the moving truck in. Have you been searching for moving companies to help you with your journey? Here at Casey’s Removals<link to Home page>, we can make your life so much easier. Our moving service has helped homes throughout Greater London, Kent, and Surrey. We even offer a packing service to help you out!

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